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Professional Visitation Monitoring and family services. Serving Los Angeles, Ventura County and Santa Barbara.

Child Visitation Services

A Day to Remember has provided safe, quality, professional monitoring and custody exchange services to families for over eight years. I am a child development specialist, with a BA in early childhood development and human studies. Prior to monitoring, I served as a courts children's specialist, where I worked with mediators, attorneys, children and parents. I am a former early childhood teacher, and parent educator. Additionally, I served as support contact for parents of newly diagnosed children, through the UCLA genetics clinic. My training and services meet all current standards of 5.20 standards and practice. I am certified in CPR as well as DOJ fingerprinted.

Supervised Visitation Monitor

Dana Meizel offers a unique understanding of the visitation service profession, coming from a family of compassionate parents that always lend a helping hand. Having an extremely attentive personality and being thorough on all cases translates well into her current role with children and parents.

Dana was taught that trustworthiness, hard work, maintaining a neutral stance, creating a safe environment, and implementing a great support system are the most important aspects of a provider, and she puts that philosophy into practice. As a professional monitor in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura County, Dana brings over seven years of experience to the industry and is skilled at handling any situation, regardless of circumstance or condition.

Thankful to pursue her passion as a supervised visitation monitor, Dana is highly motivated and dedicated with each child and parent from beginning to end. As an extremely committed individual, she quickly attends to her clients’ needs. Dana doesn’t take her obligations lightly, she sincerely enjoys the time spent working with families and strives to make each situation a positive experience.

A supervised visitation monitor is one that is a neutral third party visitation professional that provides a safe environment for children and a parent. The requirements necessary to offer quality supervised visitation monitoring involves completion of CA 5.20 training and additional training in specific areas regarding visitation services. The minimum requirement to serve as a professional monitor must include 24 hours of training, including the following subjects: The role of a professional provider, child abuse reporting laws, record-keeping procedures, screening, monitoring, and termination of visitation, developmental needs of children, legal responsibilities and obligations of a provider, cultural sensitivity, conflict of interest, confidentiality, issues relating to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and basic knowledge of family and juvenile law. (Source of training: 5.20 (f) Training for providers). 

Supervised Visitation

If you’re looking for a high quality supervised visitation provider in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County, you’ve come to right place. At A Day to Remember, professional visitation monitoring, Dana Meizel provides for her clients the attention and personal service a client will expect to experience. Seeking a high quality supervised visitation monitor that’s near you can be stressful. These days, there is a large number of residents in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County that are currently undergoing legal services and are in need of a child visitation monitor. Many people have the choice to use supervised visitation services when they need professional support during these difficult times.

The biggest reason so many folks choose to make A Day to Remember a part of their life stems from the professional services that Mrs. Dana offers to all her clients. Her reputation and expertise in offering Supervised Visitation Services stems from the fact that she does an excellent job combining warmth, compassion, empathy, understanding, and trust with high quality monitoring. Her appointments are meaningful, fun, and necessary. Choosing to go with Dana Meizel as your visitation monitor is a very good choice for anyone who plans to use this type of service now or in the future.

If you are someone who lives in the Los Angeles County and is searching for Supervised Visitation, look no further than A Day to Remember. The services Mrs. Dana offers to her clients are essential to say the least. Unfortunately, many folks that have children that are going through a high conflict divorce can be extremely traumatic and toxic. High conflict divorces may pose a lot of risk or danger to their children and it’s wise for one to seek a monitor that provides a safe environment without judgment. Many times a family law attorney that’s handling the case (divorce) advises their client to choose a monitor that they recommend. It’s not uncommon for monitors to be referred from individuals in the legal services industry.  The function of this services is for the noncustodial (the one that’s high risk) parent has access to their child only when supervised by a professional visitation monitor.

Supervised Visitation Providers

Seeking qualified supervised visitation providers can be time consuming and nerve-wracking. Don’t let the heavy buildup of searching the web or asking friends and family stop you into thinking that, that’s all you need to do to hire a monitor. You should also read the monitor’s testimonials and ask important questions on an in-person consult or on the phone. A few important questions you can ask the Supervised Visitation Provider are:

  • How Long Have You Been a Provider?
  • What Was the most Challenging Case?
  • Why Did You Choose to be a Visitation Provider?
  • What Cities Do You Cover as a Supervised Visitation Provider?
  • Are Your Prices Competitive?
  • Did You Graduate College Related to Visitation Monitoring and Legal Services?
  • What are the Supervised Visitation Rights?
  • Have You Had any Reasons to Deny Visitation?

Selecting Dana Meizel as your trusted Visitation Provider is an excellent choice. You’ll realize that even though you had many options, among an entire network of qualified monitors, Dana knows what it takes to fill the role as a monitor and create a peaceful and neutral environment for everyone involved. Rather than waiting until the problem becomes too serious and dreadful, you should contact Mrs. Dana about her Supervised Visitation Services. The sooner Mrs. Dana knows about your case, the sooner she can be there for you and your family, and the sooner you can feel safe and secure. It doesn’t matter the situation or how crazy it may be, Mrs, Dana is ready and willing to provide her trusted services under any circumstances.

Remember, the sooner you call Mrs. Dana to be your Visitation Provider, the sooner she can come to restore order and peace, and serve as a safe haven for you and the children involved.

Here is a list of cities Dana offers in-person consultations and visitation services in the Los Angeles County:

Santa Monica

Thousand Oaks

Beverly Hills




Woodland Hills

Miracle Mile

West Los Angeles

Marina Del Ray

Sherman Oaks